The Trouble With Evernote

Evernote security
Evernote has been a great way to store notes, for quite some time now. Better than all other available note taking services for mobile and desktop platforms, its ability to capture and organize photos and audio, outline and format notes, and sync across all your platforms, has over time made it stand head and shoulders above the rest.

However, I do have a problem with Evernote policy on security in its free product. In May 2013, Evernote began to offer two-factor authentication in addition to its standard password authentication, both of while are limited to only the Premium product. While every other service has recently offered two-factor authentication, I am shocked that the note taking service that has stood out over time, has no plans to offer it to everyone. And in the days of concern over the NSA invading our personal security, it feels like Evernote has a lack of interest in security for non-premium members, and that seems mercenary and disingenuous.

I understand they are a business, but if they are truly concerned about security, this is a good place to appear generous. LinkedIn is a good example of a service that has free and premium services, but has chosen to value security over profits. I call upon Evernote to similarly open two-factor authentication to all users of the service, just as Google, Yahoo, Apple, Twitter and many others have. I know that having two-factor authentication available in Evernote would make me feel safer placing sensitive information into my mobile and desktop devices, and others will too. Don’t get me wrong, I have no illusions that the NSA has not been spying for so much longer than this little scandal has been around, nor that the NSA would not be able to break anything that we try to encrypt with nothing simpler than an order under our many domestic terrorism laws. I feel there should be a deterrent, not just completely open access, and this would be a good first step.