My home on the web since December 2, 1999 after my old Geocities page to this new page.

How the times have changed!

Please note that the opinion expressed in these web pages are solely owned by myself, and the opinion are my own. The opinions in this site are my own and only my own, and represent nobody but my own self. If you find anything wrong with anything I’ve said, and do anything other than close the tab and move on to some gentler part of the Internet, you should probably seek some seriously heavy medication and a long period of counseling.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, just a small comment on your AdSenseAgg pepper (you can delete this comment, when you’ve seen it 🙂

    Since there is no ReadMe file included in the download, it’s not clear under witch /pepper/ sub-dir this should be installed. Sure, it installs fine under /pepper/shauninman/adsenseagg/ but that’s not really the place for it, and newbies might not realise they can just create a sub-folder under /pepper/ so perhaps a small ReadMe could save you some questions in the long run.

    Just a thought, great Pepper none-the-less, thank you for creating it! 🙂

    Thomas from cold, cold Denmark!

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