What We Want from iOS6

This Monday, Apple will be putting on the WWDC 2012. It is expected that along with a number of products, the iPhone 5 running iOS6 will be announced.

Here are some things I’ve had on my list of what I would love iOS 6 to have.

  • Third party Siri support
  • Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Dropbox integration like Twitter
  • Allow app store for Mac to be controlled from iPhone
  • Unified Messages, Mail, IM app like iChat
  • Reading List and Bookmark sync with other apps/extensions
  • Combine Todo/Reminders and Clock into Calendar
  • Contacts automated merging and deduplication
  • iPhoto wireless sync
  • QR built into camera
  • Mirroring API for services like join.me or WebEx
  • An Apple Wallet with NFC support and Square support

What do you want Apple to do in iOS 6?