Google Reader “Mark As Read Up To Here” extension for Safari

Moving from Chrome back to Safari, I noticed there was one thing missing from my usual plugins. On Chrome, I used Google Reader Plus, which gives a number of expanded featured when using Google Reader. The only feature I used was the Mark As Read, specifically “Mark items before As Read”. Google Reader Plus has a Safari extension in the distribution, but it did not work in that it did not allow you to access the settings to turn features on. I found that there were no such completed plugins that provided this feature, so I looked into what it would take to write my own. It turned out that a Safari extension just uses javascript, which I’ve used before in my work on MonkeyChow. With the aid of a wonderful Javascript library, I’ve written my own, which I can now use t properly browse Google Reader. Now to find a good extension to emulate the Reeder 3-column interface…

Click on the following link to download the MarkAsReadUpToHere safari extension