Everything Missing From iOS 9 Part 9 (or What I Want From iOS 10)

This post continues my list of  iOS 10 features I want to see. You can start the series here with Part 1 if you’ve missed the action so far. (Part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, and part 8.)

Password Security

Given the FBI case early this year, Apple is looking to increase security overall on the device. One of the weakest points is the terrible passwords most people use. A dedicated password management and password generation app linked with iCloud Keychain and secured through TouchID is just what we need. Set a standard to work with 1Password and LastPass etc. It is entirely possible for my job to require that I use Keepass files for credential management and that I prefer 1Password for my personal credentials; giving Keychain a way to work with all of those would be much less confusing. Spotlight already allows deep access into all of those apps. Take it further to make things aggregated and simpler. Password Chef is a very original app idea, for instance, and something that makes perfect sense for getting the general public to improve the way they generate better passwords.


Side by side app viewing on Plus models – this is probably not going to happen any time soon, but given that Reachability allows you to see and work with a small screen interface, albeit briefly, there is no reason to argue against having the same small interface in a side by side wide screen view on the larger iPhone Plus models. Two iPhone SE screens side by side are about as wide as an iPhone 6S Plus is long. The reduced span in height is still usable work space and the two screens at once are now known to improve productivity.

Multiple timers

Why are we only allowed one timer? iOS should be able to manage more than one of these by now, even throug Siri, in combination with reminders. Uses: cooking, housework, repairs, lots of possibilities. Remember that the device is supposed to be our personal assistant. Remind me of multiple things I am currently actively juggling!

Control Center

With the advent of Night Shift, Apple has updated the Control Center across devices for the first time and brings up the idea that the user should also have a hand in choosing what controls are a slide away. Allowing users to select which icons are displayed and where they are displayed given their personal preference would be a great way of giving us choice. I would love to see 3D Touch take hold in Control Center: let me select a Wifi SSID using 3D Touch, for instance. Apple also has a lot of experience with complications from the Apple Watch so they have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t for swappable system icons. For instance, I never use the timer or the camera from control center but would love to put other functionality in its place.

Night Shift settings

Apple made a great change when adding the Night Shift feature. When using it I really do feel that it helps; placebo effect or not, it is still an effect. I feel however that more can be done with this compared to something like F.lux which I downloaded and compiled onto my devices in the short window before Apple forced it to be removed from github. Brightness needs to go down to the same dimness that you can get from the Zoom triple-click accessibility method. The color temperature needs to go even warmer to remove more blue. The effect is not warm enough for me when it is time to go to bed and I think the visual cue can be stronger. I’ve found that even when it is in effect, I still have to triple-click the home button when I wake up to a call from work in the middle of the night due to the brightness just so I can look directly at the screen.

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(Continued in part 10)