My iOS 11 Wishlist

It’s that time of year where we prepare for new Apple announcements regarding what will come in the next version of iOS. Assuming the next version of iOS will be called 11, I’ve reviewed my posts from a year ago and came up with this list. What do you want to see in iOS 11?


  • “shared by Reminders” option


  • multiple providers
  • Comcast!!


  • direct support for gifs
  • TouchID for hidden photos
  • Further AR in camera as demonstrated in portrait mode


  • Waypoints
  • Lane guidance
  • Driver vs passenger activity
  • Integrate directly with Find My Friends
  • Checkin status


  • group management
  • relationship circles including Family Sharing
  • Include more apps like Line, Kik and WhatsApp


  • file sharing, a la Dropbox
  • storage per device vs per account to allow backups


  • picker vs current Next Keyboard functionality (similar to iMessage apps)
  • more functionality like iMessage apps


  • plugins to centralize messaging for apps like WhatsApp and Kik 
  • continue working on top of other apps via chat heads style
  • Combine with phone and FaceTime
  • Allow other video apps to integrate

Home screen

  • Widgets among icons
  • Make all home screens like Today screen
  • More 3D Touch functionality – delete?

Apple News

  • real RSS reader subscribe functionality
  • Missed articles, not just too articles


  • Saving MP3s direct to Music
  • Star ratings

Document management 

  • Across device among apps
  • including attachments management 

Improved password management

  • Dedicated password app
  • plugins for 1Password and LastPass?


  • further complex automation – time randomization 
  • more participation beyond hardware manufacturers
  • Home presence tracking 


  • cooperative among devices
  • iMessage integration
  • Dedicate Siri-in-a-box device


  • URL scheme expansion now that Workflow is purchased. 
  • Allow more automated app launching

Control Center

  • Placement customization
  • Select icons to swap out 
  • Bigger drawer


  • Side by side on Plus devices 
  • Slide out


  • Dark mode / themes
  • Game Center banner gone, please!
  • Volume indicator location – allow customization similar to banners – make a banner that temporarily displays to show volume decrease. Stop overlaying on app.
  • Color folder tagging
  • Notification Center sort by app


  • Multiple timers
  • Apple Pencil support iPhone 
  • Option Share sheet as list like document picker
  • Wifi priority