Flickr and iOS 8

Right as Apple pushed out iOS 8.0, a large number of users jumped onto the upgrade. As always, overeager to get the new tech, I upgraded my phone too. I loved it. As with all upgrades, a couple of apps broke; much fewer than I expected actually. The most serious for me was when background photo upload stopped working to Dropbox, OneDrive and Flickr. Dropbox and OneDrive fixed this almost right away, within 24 hours. Flickr, however, was different.

Yahoo Abandons Flagship Flickr app

While this was eventually fixed by default by Apple when they brought back the Camera Roll in iOS 8.1, it leaves me puzzled that Yahoo was content to allow Flickr to languish unattended without support for a major feature of its Flagship app for so long. It brings to mind all the complaining people are doing about whether yahoo is being steered right by Marissa Mayer and whether or not it is time to bring in new leadership to Yahoo.