Blackberry makes another stab with Passportbob Squarephone

Earlier this year, I posted that Blackberry would die this year.

Blackberry has put out a product that can only be described as cartoonishly square, like something my kid watches on TV, in an attempt at being something different. Since their OS can no longer stand on its own, this last ditch attempt at clawing back some market share on its way over the cliff of no return comes across as something that should have been painted yellow.


This phone is only for those with the largest cargo pants pockets or those who can dedicate a whole side pocket of their suit jacket.

This also brings to mind the LG Intuition which had sharp corners and was really good a tearing holes in pants.

Looks like I’m right on the money about Blackberry feebly thrashing in the water as it circles the drain.


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