iPhone: From My Cold Dead Hands

I have been a fan of gadgets ever since my father came home with a pong machine. That machine stayed in the house for about 15 minutes before me and my brother started fighting over the single controller, and my father then went to the store for a refund. He followed that up with a C64 and C128 years later, but the seed had already been planted for loving bright and shiny new tech.

Having been a user of Newton, Palm Pilots, Palm Treos, and all sorts of cool gadgets, I naturally gravitated towards the iPhone when it came out in 2007. I didn’t get one until 2008 when it was finally proven that the iPhone was taking over, and the App Store made its debut. Ever since then I’ve been addicted to it.

I’m a very technical person. I currently work as an IT Lead for a financial software company. I work with all sorts of technologies, very new and old. I have used programs like ControlPlane on Mac. I tweak my computer interface to help me work better all the time. I have friends and family  that use Android and Windows phone who have made the switch back to the light side. I have had people try to convince me about why I should switch, with honestly no points made about why it’s better other than just “uh, because it is”. In my opinion, this comes from a lack of understanding why you’re using it for in the first place. I’ve had people tell me that the Android interface flows better for them. And that’s fine because it works for them, and so they should. Maybe the new iPhone interact does that now, and they could switch, but choose to stay on Android because it’s what comfortable for them. That’s good too!

I understand about the customizability and how everyone is fascinated by how they can change ROMs and themes. Honestly, this is like the distraction people had with Windows 95 themes back a long time ago. I think of that as a distraction from using the device. What matters to me is what applications it has, and the look and feel of the application. The iPhone feels like a natural progression of what has come before. My feeling is that the Android interface is an amateurish copy of the iPhone. So why go with that when the original does it well? Sure, I know there are applications that are possible on Android that take advantage of not being in Apple’s walled garden; running those applications is just not my thing and without the app review that Apple has, there has been a lot of unsavory software out there. I don’t think that all iPhone apps are automatically given a pass just because they are running on an Apple device; there is a lot of crap there, too. But for my money, I just want my device to work. I don’t need it crashing because the stock ROM sucks or the replacement ROM sucks or its missing something because the theme sucks. It should just work, and for my flow, the iPhone does that for me. And you can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands.