A Plea to VMware

VMware is a tool I use on a daily basis. In short, we use it at work to make little tiny servers for people to use, out of big monstrous servers. One of the things that absolutely drives me nuts is a setting in the vCenter management software that involves ignoring the amount of these little tiny servers you see. Because we work on the order of thousands of these little servers, each organized under the server that they are running on, it becomes hard to see those servers (and clusters of servers) in a list on the left hand side, called the inventory view. To help with this, VMware fortunately includes a preference setting that allows you to not “Show virtual machines in the inventory”. What is unfortunate about the whole thing is that when you click on anything that involves digging deeper into the interface, changing the view , you must again choose to not “Show virtual machines in the inventory”. This is especially true if you are working with the servers. Which I do on a daily basis. Which becomes frustrating after a few clicks. So much so that my knee-jerk reaction is to hide VMs each time after I ever changing the view, usually because I anticipate that I am going to work with the servers. As this involves a few extra clicks, you can see you frustrating this can become.

I beg you, VMware, to change this behavior so that we can save a few steps. Make this a global setting rather than just tied to one temporary view!