MonkeyChow updated on GitHub

The current version, which I use daily, is now up on GitHub.
You can update from

Things that still need to be fixed or added:

* The row of actions on an article are a snapshot of 2006 when I started on this project. There was no Twitter or Facebook or Google+ or Reddit in widespread use at the time. FriendFeed is long gone from the days of being experimental, and Digg is a tiny shadow of what it used to be. This needs to be fixed by adding OAuth support.

* A couple of actions on articles, like marking zero articles read, return an error.

* Search capability that won’t kill the DB.

* The underlying RSS parser uses SimplePie, which stopped development years ago. The RSS standard hasn’t changed, but there are still a few issues with how it collects articles.

* It’s time to get rid of the frames, whose frame bars never end up in the right position on the page start, and move on to a single unified page. While the frames give the benefit of only loading parts of the interface at a time, it’s been possible to do this in a div for a while now.

* MonkeyChow seems to use a lot of memory for all the elements displayed on its page. Modern sites that use lengthy pages fix this by only loading the elements that fit the viewable browser area, and this will need to be implemented in order to make MonkeyChow more usable.

* A new name.

@shokk (Twitter)