Checkin to Everything

The idea behind social networking is to let your friends know what you’re doing in a way that spurs a conversation. Foursquare covers the “where”, but there aren’t a lot of apps that cover the rest of the things we do, the who, what and why. For everything else that Foursquare cannot check you in for, there is GetGlue. It integrates with the same social nets, but let’s people know exactly what you are doing when you’re at a location. Whether you’re listening to music, or watching a movie, a show, a game, or even a conversation, GetGlue has you covered. They have a huge database of albums, movies, tv shows, video games, sports teams and topics. And while you’re at it, you might as well check in to Foursquare with it!


3 thoughts on “Checkin to Everything

  1. How does GetGlue check into FourSquare? I don’t have that option in my GetGlue account.

    • It’s an option on the last screen of the app before you actually checkin. I have Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare as options.

      • Must be an eyePhone-only option. I don’t have anyplace to register FourSquare either on the full website, nor on on the Android app.

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