Location Location Location

I’ve previously written about the location game here https://shokk.wordpress.com/2011/05/15/the-location-game/
I’m an avid, some would say frustratingly fanatic, user of Foursquare. In my constant search for convergence in hardware and software, I switched to using an app called Footfeed that checked me into Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter, Facebook Places, and Google Places. The problem is that not all the location services had the same database, so I would end up having to create the venue on at least one service. Adding a new venue for most services involved switching from Footfeed to Gowalla (for example), making the location in the Gowalla app, switching back to Footfeed, waiting for the new venue to appear in the Gowalla list after a few refreshes, then checking in. All because some of these sites had closed APIs. Put that together with some services being down at one point or another, and you have a process that’s too tedious to keep up with. I found that what I was really interested in was points from Foursquare and it’s badges. Autocheckin apps like MayorMaker only supported Foursquare. Plus Foursquare’s app has gotten much faster. So I switched back to just using Foursquare in the interest of simplicity, speed, and stability. I feel that autocheckin is something that will eventually be built into Foursquare, but for now this is one of my top favorite apps. They recently added push notifications and the new Lists feature to the app, so it’s very full featured.