You Get the Message with Facebook Messenger

Once upon a time we all used services like AIM and ICQ. OK, maybe just really older people like me. I’ve chatted on stuff like Trillian, Meebo, and Adium to aggregate my IM chat sessions from Yahoo, AOL, Google, ICQ, Hotmail, etc. More and more, everyone I knew shifted to either SMS or Facebook. Very recently I had been using AIM to combine my AOL, Facebook and Google identifies into one client. But I noticed that the majority of my contacts were on Facebook and Yahoo. The majority of the time, no one I knew was on AOL or Google. Yahoo has produced so much spam that I’ve been avoiding it altogether, and the people on Yahoo are usually on Facebook, too. So, when Facebook released their Messenger chat client, I jumped on that. In 10 years we’ll probably be chatting on some other way.

Simply put, when Facebook transformed their chat system into a message system, complete with email, they created another inbox. This inbox was worth replacing all my other chat inboxes since there’s a social network tied behind it. This was something AOL and Yahoo just couldn’t figure out.