Keeping Up with Reeder

Another app that integrates nicely with a number of social tools is the Reeder RSS app. I’ve been reading RSS feeds as my main source of information for quite a few years, even going as far as writing my own multiuser web based RSS reader. Being able to push stories that interest me to various social networks or save them to Instapaper for later viewing is important to me. News tends to come up in the feeds a day or two before friends post it on Facebook or mainstream outlets. RSS, while a forgotten side of the web for the most part, is a vital protocol on the back end for transferring information by subscription. I like to keep direct contact with my feeds, much the same way I used to be glued to NNTP in the 90s. Reeder helps me keep up with everything from my geeky tech interests to work topics to jokes. Reeder connects you to Google Reader to maintain your subscriptions and synchronizes your read articles with what you see in the web interface, so you don’t reread twice. Also, Instapaper.