Give a Tweet with TweetDeck

I pretty much live on TweetDeck these days, interacting with a combined Twitter and Facebook and Foursquare stream. I can’t wait for them to add G+ and Instagram. The added integration with Instapaper makes this a winner. TweetDeck takes care of all my main social networking services. If anything can combine social sites into one tool in a better way, I’d like to see it. Now that Twitter has bought them, my concern with this app is that Twitter will shutter it in favor of their own client or lose the multi network functionality, making it just another Twitter client. They’ve already gotten rid of support in the latest TweetDeck update instead of adding it to the rest of their clients, so things are already looking down.

My main love for this app is that should it crash or close unexpectedly, your place is saved when you reenter the app. It doesn’t skip tweets if you haven’t looked at your stream in a while, so I can keep up with the people I follow. The customizability of being able to define your own columns is also a plus. The amber highlight at the top of a column lets you know there’s an update in that stream. My biggest complaint is that while looking at a long column of tweets, accidentally hitting the status bar at the top will make you lose your place. Next, after missing about four days of tweets, the app gets very crashy. I look forward to minor tweaks like forwarding links to Instapaper without leaving the app, inline pictures, and push notifications.