My iPhone Apps 2011

iOS 4 allowed us to have so many more apps on our phones, many of which now run at the same time. As of this moment, I currently have 205 loaded. This year in going over my list, I realized there was too many apps for one article. Some of them are duplicate services – Facely and Facebook, for example. In those cases, the original app was missing a function that an alternate app provided, with the alternate app being less than optimal for general use. At best there are 30 that I use all the time. My criteria for using a new app: does it do something new, does it aggregate multiple services into one so I can have less apps yet use more, does it do something better than another app, does it connect to most of my social nets. Every once in a while I go on a binge or purge of apps on my iPhone. Over the next few days, I’ll show you what seems to always stay around my home screen, and why.

You’ll notice there really aren’t any apps for video or video games. It’s not something I have time for and it’s not what I have the iPhone for. Coming from a heavy XBox gamer, thats a big change. There are a lot of peripheral apps like Phone, Safari, Mail, Messages, Calendar, App Store, Maps, Camera that can’t help but be used. Even these apps are begging for enhancements and consolidation, and I am always looking for something better than the original apps.

I’m a person who hates having more than 3 pages of apps, so I make heavy use of folders. Also note that I’m one of those people who bought this expensive phone but is adverse to paying even $0.99 for an improved calendar. There are some nice gems in here you may not have seen yet. I hope there articles help. See you in a few!