iPhone 5 wishlist

The iPhone 5 has recently been announced for availability in September.  Hoping that it’s not going to be an incremental upgrade like when we went from iphone 3G to 3GS, I’d like to start a wishlist of features.

NFC capability – In the last steps to ultimate convergence, NFC promises to let you leave your wallet at home.  The downside of this is that many people just lose their phones all the time, and putting that many eggs in one basket can be extremely risky.  Just ask anyone who’s ridden a coaster at Great Adventure.  Especially with how many of us also do not use lock codes on our phones.  Still, wouldn’t it be awesome to have your driver’s license, car keys, and store loyalty cards all stored and managed digitally in one device?

Mail and SMS universal Inbox – Apple did a great job in bringing the universal inbox to iPhone Mail, but they left out one bit of messaging: SMS.  Why leave out that last little bit?  Tying email, phone calls, voicemail, and SMS logs into a single communications app just makes so much sense, especially now that the search feature is available.

Web Page Search – Sometimes you just can’t find why Google took you to a certain page, and the page is too huge to scan to find out why.

More Safari Tabs – 8 is NOT enough!  What’s the limit?  Nuff said.

Logging Notification system  – If anyone has used Boxcar or Prowl or Facebook Notifications, they know a list of aggregated notifications is the way to do things right. Some sort of unobtrusive way of alerting the owner needs to be made.  The current modal pop-up system just interrupts anything your in the middle of.  And then it only alerts you to the last few.  If you’ve left your phone unattended for some time, it’s likely that you missed a few alerts.  Like some of the printing or Read Later functions, this should also be modular so that everyone has their choice of logging app.  Personally, for the sake of further integration, I’d love it if I could use Prowl as my notification system since that would also roll in the notifications from my Mac.

Widgets – There has got to be more we can do with the iPhone lock screen than just an empty wallpaper and the time.  The Android phones have made very good use of this space.  Apple can do much better.  Possibly now that the A5 will be used in the next generation of iPhones, we will have the horsepower to run these tiny apps.  I see these being dragged and dropped into the desired place just like the home screen icons.

More icons per folder – Speaking of the home screen… Since we can’t have nested folders, we often need to put more icons into a folder than we currently can.  Anyone with a Social Networking folder on their iPhone that loves to test out new social systems knows what I mean.  12 is not enough.

Holster sense/sleep – Just like with the blackberry, different states of the phone should have more configurable profiles.  Now that the iPad 2 has a sleep mode with it’s smart cover, so too can the iPhone.  It seems like the type of thing corporate America would love to see as an excuse to throw millions of blackberries into landfills around the nation,

Camera button – Ever see a great photo you want to take, only to pull out your iPhone and watch as the camera app takes time to warm up, only to lose the scene?  I see it way too often and it’s really frustrating.  The camera function should take processing priority, just like the phone function does.  I’d like to see an external button that, regardless of sleep state, just lets the phone snap a pic, reducing the wait time to a second or two.  With Apple considering the dropping of the home button, adding this will not make the device design more cluttered.

Edit dictionary – Everyone knows that autocorrect can be annoying.  It’s even more annoying when you correct the word “him” to “Jim” once and from then on get corrected by having “hiim” autocorrected to “Jim” EVERY TIME!!!

What new features are you looking for in a next gen iPhone? 🙂