Apple Ping vs Facebook

Apple’s recent foray into the world of social networking hit a snag earlier in the month when the iTunes product was unavailable after Steve Job’s widely publicized announcement that it would be available for download later in the day.  Once the product was downloadable, the most popular feature, Ping, lacked the Facebook connection that also had been announced.

With the lack of Facebook integration, Ping immediately placed itself into a social networking silo, where it now sits in isolation from other networks.  This inability to link in to other social networks means anyone using Ping is now managing another circle of friends without being able to see if they are already being managed in another social net like Facebook or Twitter.  This game of social network management just means each service is involved with its own round of friend invites, post security, friend groups and searches.  One big circle jerk.

Instead, I use an app like iScrobbler on my iPhone to list tracks I listen to at  Anything that I “love” on is picked up by the “ Social” app for Facebook.  It’s just one set of friends to manage through Facebook, which I have already been doing all along, and best of all no iTunes marketing crap to push the music they want to suggest.  No thanks, Ping.