The coming of iPhone 3.0 apps

The iPhone 3.0 is a mere four months away and the recent announcements have made everyone drool over copy and paste and enhanced Google Maps.  But knowing these new features, we can start to imagine what our current favorite apps could look like.

  1. – With the iPhone 3.0, apps will now be able to read music directly from your synced music library.  Something I’ve wanted for a long time is to directly scrobble songs while listening to them.  I foresee a app that will play my music and automatically scrobble it to the site.  No more syncing with the desktop applications, which only works every other time on the Mac and hardly ever worked for me on the PC.
  2. Facebook – As distasteful as I find it, in app purchases will allow Facebook to continue to support those people who have a need to spend real money on a fake flower to send to their friends.  There are tons of sites that similarly serve their online experience as a piecemeal offering, which I foresee will flood the iPhone app market upon seeing a new money making wellspring to dip from.
  3. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – Any social networking app will benefit from the peer-to-peer functionality that will come from the iPhone 3.0 OS. But bringing up each one of these when someone wants to trade contacts will be annoying, especially with some of the load times.  Instead I see a contact aggregator program and service coming that will trade all of them at once, including IM and meatspace info – maybe by a site like Plaxo that’s already accustomed to dealing with contact aggregation and syncing.
  4. Google – Spotlight search will probably be extended to something like Google Desktop’s cross system indexing so that the Google app hooks into all your information for easy searching from the iPhone.
  5. Evernote – Cut and Paste will make keeping records of everything we want to keep track of a breeze.  Connecting into Spotlight will make this even more useful.  Basically anything that can maintain an index in Core Data of what you currently host on some web site somewhere will probably be searchable from Spotlight.
  6. Any IM service – as already announced, Meebo will be available to make use of push notifications.  Any IM and messaging service should be able to take advantage of this.  This is not the panacea we’ve made it out to be, however, as Apple has had its share of problems with push, including the Mobile Me issues.  Push notification could turn out to be a horrible repeat of that disaster.
  7. Amazon, Ebay, and other purchase apps – I would love to see push notifications extended to where these shopping cart apps will alert you when an order updates, ships, arrives.  This would make the whole experience more interactive and provide them with another opportunity to get you back in the store, giving them another shot at your dollars with another “people who bought this item, also bought…”
  8. Todo  and Omni apps -  again, push notification should be able to update the badges on the app icons, showing how many items I am currently behind on.  It doesn’t necessarily have to pop something up in my face in the middle of something I’m doing for push to be useful.
  9. Brightkite – Anything with a map will be lots more useful once the Google maps API is opened up more.  I’m not too crazy about the turn-by-turn functionality because that leaves the GPS functionality at the mercy of receiving a call.  If the music and GPS and phone features can be balanced such that there is no conflict while in turn-by-turn mode, this will be really useful.  Then my position can be updated realtime, for those that want to get a hold of me – for benevolent purposes, that is.