Webcomics Winners

As a big fan of drawn serials, I’ve enjoyed the following over the past few years.  Not all are regular series, but I have them in my RSS reader to catch whenever the artists push something new out.  Below are RSS feed links for these sites.  Do you have any that you would like to recommend?

Penny Arcade


Basic Instructions

Ctrl Alt Del


Least I Could Do

Looking For Group

User Friendly

VG Cats


Pearls Before Swine

Lately I’ve also kept up with collections from the above web comics.  You can catch up with them any day for free, but it’s nice to contribute to these artists whenever they put together a paper edition.  My favorite has been Penny Arcade which now has 5 books collecting their panels from the early days.  My habit of collecting these goes waaaay back to Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom Country collections.


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