Windows 7 appears

windows7-2The start of the new year brings us a new OS from Microsoft, which should finally ship in time for the 2009 Christmas season.  You can see in the screenshot I have Windows 7 64-bit install running in a VMWare Server 2.0 VM that I set up as Windows 2008 64-bit.  The install was flawless and it seems to be much lighter weight than Vista even under 1GB of memory and 24GB total disk space.  The aero interface is still there, which bugs me a bit – maybe there’s a theme in there that will make it more my style.

Of course, I immediately downloaded Firefox 3 instead of subjecting myself to IE8.  Microsoft’s public beta program is a genius marketing strategy that Apple just can’t touch due to its strict hardware requirements (with the exception of those with an MSI Wind).  Let’s play with this and see what magic Microsoft can do to make us forget the most