Mophie Juicepack iPhone 3G charger

Around the beginning of November, many months after being frustrated by the iPhone’s anemic battery life, I was introduced to the Mophie Juicepack.  The price at that time, as now, was $99, which was too much for my wallet to bear.  I continued to suffer through remembering to carry an iPhone 3G charger with my in my car, in my laptop bag, and by my bedside.  When I did not remember, I would be on the verge of losing battery power until I could get to my next power fix.  Chargers get plugged into the walls and left behind, or left in other vehicles, and there were many times I did not make it to the next power fix with enough juice – the iPhone would lose power and I was without my lifeline.

I don’t recall how I found it, but the day after Black Friday I read that the product was on sale at 25% off, and I jumped at the chance to get one.  For $75 I had good insurance that I would have power at hand for the product’s lifetime if I was ever without a charger by just leaving it in my bag.  After using it for some time I’ve found that it carries enough power to juice me up 3 or 4 times before the device itself needs to be charged, which is probably about once a month.  Now that the product is back up to $99, and finding it to be a lifesaver, I can recommend that even at that price it is worth the cost.

Every product has its downsides.  If you have a case for your iPhone, you have to remove it each time.  Luckily I have the Contour Flick which slides off easily, but others with rubberized covers will not be so lucky.  I originally had an Incase rubber cover that I loved for its ability to stay in place when put on a surface , but which ripped from having to remove it so often for docking.  I love the Flick for its ability to let me dock without having to remove the whole case, but I’m now looking at the Griffin Clarifi for its little macro lens.  It remains to be seen whether this allows for easy docking.  I haven’t been able to find one in stores to get a good look at it, and haven’t found a review that covers this well. Easy removal for daily docking or use with the Mophie will be essential.

Another problem is the connector they chose on the outside of the unit.  I would have preferred an iPhone passthrough connection instead of the miniUSB port.  This means I need to have one of those USB to miniUSB pigtails with me when I have to charge it and cannot use another iPhone compatible device to both recharge the unit while using it with the iPhone while syncing.  Maybe that’s asking a lot, but it would make the device much more transparent while in a recharge crisis.  I’m not asking for it to fit in the dock, but compatibility with the sync cable would be the more flexible option.

The unit is also pretty bulky, but it’s the price to pay for having a battery large enough to juice you up a few times after being forgetful of the iPhone’s battery limitations.  If you love your iPhone as much as I do, you use it often and go through multiple daily charges, and need a companion like the Mophie Juicepack.


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