Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving today in the United States.  While I won’t get to celebrate with family, I am very thankful for the family I have, for our health, and for my career and the opportunities that allows me to support all that.  Amid today’s very sad news, I am thankful that I was born and continue to live in a free country that is strong enough to survive the current economic crisis and which I believe will come out stronger.

Today we’ll also be celebrating by trekking out to a local big chain retailer and setting up our tent in front of the store for an overnight stay to grab delicious consumer items.  This year’s selection is pretty yawn-inducing, but there are a few items we’re picking up for other people, so I’ll post pictures on Friday afternoon.

The First Fun Thanksgiving, after J.L.G. Ferris

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com


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