The New Xbox Experience now playing

To my surprise I found a message in my email last night telling me that I had been selected to participate early in the new Xbox Experience.  This morning at around 11am

I started up the Xbox 360 and sure enough, there was an update.  It provides a much more streamlined way to get around the Xbox menus that frankly borrows a lot from the Wii by use of avatars.  These avatars, however, are cool, and look nothing like the Fisher-Price little people figures that Nintendo has offered.

The whole family spent the day customizing their avatars, even those with silver accounts can get in on the fun.

My gallery of photos from the dashboard can be found here.  You’ll see the picture utility that lets you pose your avatar to take their photo for use as your gamer picture.  A few thumbnails below to wet your appetite.


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  1. Watch out when updating if you're using HDMI. Sometimes it causes the display configurations to change so you can't see what you're doing!Make sure you have your old cable nearby when updating.Stan

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