iPhone photo management

The iPhone’s camera, while far from being the best way to capture the moment, is certainly the most convenient.  For those of us who have an iPhone, we always have it with us.  Surely there are little issues with it that will taint the experience, like how long it takes to warm up, or the times your photo is ruined with a hiccup image.  But the benefits outweigh all this.  And now that you take so many more photoes, it’s essential that you share them.  Below are important apps for managing your photos on the iPhone.

While there are a massive number of photo apps in the iPhone app store, Shozu is the Swiss army knife of the bunch.  Simply put, this app allows you to upload photos to a large number of different sites: Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and so much more.

The ultimate note taking app, Evernote lets you clip pictures and text to their web based service to be viewed on your desktop or mobile systems.  As a bonus, it syncs to their site to offer an offline mode, which is especially useful for iPod Touch users.  For iPhone users, this means that your data is safe when you accidentally give your iPhone a swirly.

iPhoto is to be the best part of using the iPhone, or any other camera, with a Mac.  When you dock your iPhone, iPhoto immediately comes up and asks to import the photos.  Upon import, you can check a box to only show the photos that were last imported.  Then just highlight what you want, select File->Export, and upload them to Gallery2.  What could be easier?  In fact, it works this way when you connect an SD card with photos from a camera such as my Panasonic/Leica DMC-TZ1.  My gallery can be found at http://www.shokk.com/gallery2.  The iPhotoToGallery plugin for Gallery2 by Zach Wily is really fantastic.

Similar to the Gallery2 export, you can choose to push your photos to MobileMe to take advantage of their online storage, where you can share them with friends.  Click Share->MobileMe in iPhoto and you get a simple dialog where you can choose album and privacy settings.

The Griffin Clarifi is a unique product, designed to make the iPhone camera much more usable.  It’s a nice case that doubles as a macro lens for the iPhone, and the examples I’ve seen are nothing short of amazing.  For the same price as other iPhone hard cases, this is an easy choice.