Things that Twinkle can improve

The iPhone app Twinkle is a real favorite of mine.  It lets me have presence at all times like an AIM or Yahoo Messenger client, but it’s location awareness gives it another level of interaction.  Like any application, its users are left wanting a little more goodness.  Here are a few things that Twinkle needs right away.

* A “set location” button like Twittelator uses.  This is great for telling Twinkle to check the location NOW.  Sometimes it gets the location just plain wrong and I’d like it to check again.  Google Maps integration through a location link would be nice too.  Exactly how far is my favorite local tweeter?

* Let me hide a person temporarily.  Sometimes you get one person flooding the list, but you don’t want to block or unfollow.  Hiding them would be a nice solution.

* Allow me to please delete a tweet when I’m bone headed and send out a totally misspelled missive!  Sometimes I put something out there that seemed what I wanted to say and just came out really stupid.  Twitter allows us to delete posts so I should be able to do so from Twinkle as well.

* Smarter Tweet Categorizations.  I like having my Direct Replies separate from my Public tweets and having Twitter separate from Twinkle output, but it would be nice to also have a combined view.  There are all sorts of possibilities here.  Twitter doesn’t have groups yet, but Twinkle is a frontend and can mash the data any which way.  Lets see some programming chops here.

* Push notifications.  Apple says it will be coming real soon now and we’ll want it available ASAP.  There should be a switches to allow this for public and private tweets.  Will Tapulous be ready to provide this when it becomes available?

* Pictures should be savable to the camera roll in full quality in case we want to use them for something else later.  I should be able to look at my TwinkleShots as a gallery at some point and that could be a link from a person’s Twinkle profile.  This makes the camera even more useful.

* Symbols.  I ♥ TwitterKeys, but how do we do those on an iPhone?


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