Get Your Mac Minis While They Last

For those of you thinking about trying out a cheap mac, rush out to your local Apple store and buy a Mac Mini. Apple is discontinuing the product, which means that unless Apple has something new in the works, the entry point for getting into the Mac world will be getting more expensive very soon. There have been rumors of a new Mac product coming out that will be a bit of a loss leader for Apple, but with the economy turning sour lately it appears this has been delayed now. Below are some links on this latest bit of sad news.

As you can see in the photo, my Mac Mini has taken over much of the functionality of my WinXP box. In a mad dash this weekend of connecting all my USB hubs and peripherals, I discovered how easily the Mac just uses all these devices with its native apps. The only thing left is for me to finish setting up my iTunes library so that I can get a sync going on the Mac. This little guy is plenty capable for those of us just wanting a taste of that Mac goodness. I’m still keeping my PC around for the few games I have left on there, but I haven’t been playing those much any more and my PC hasn’t been turned on in a few days. The PC still has my DVD burner installed, but I have an external USB case laying around that I plan to stick it into. Too bad the Mac Mini doesn’t have eSATA for my other faster external drive. Other than that, it’s all golden! Seriously, snatch one of these up while you still can.

Update: A couple of sites are reporting that the Mac Mini may be resuscitated in the near future.  Read on…

Or not…

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