5 Things I Love About iPhone 3G

There’s one thing that Apple has that the LGs and Nokias of the world don’t have, and that’s style. As soon as the iPhone 3G arrived, a raft of immitators showed up in it’s wake. I won’t rehash the reviews others have made, but it’s enough to say that the attempts were pitifully off target. I used to love my Treo 650, but Palm fell asleep at the wheel at some point and never went anywhere with their OS.  I know that the Centro is a big hit, but it took Palm a long time to get there and as a long time user it has offered me nothing new.  The iPhone is a beautiful device that sticks to the traditions of Apple’s studies in human interface design.  With ist wonderfully sharp display and interaction, it’s a conversation piece that never gets old. The Envy, Instinct, and Dare either look ridiculously antiquated in comparison or just don’t live up to their claims of competing with the iPhone.

The Safari browser is a delightful accurately rendered conduit to the world.  The ability to connect from anywhere and do anything is a marvelous promise that Apple has come very close to delivering. Things like the WordPress app, Palringo, Twinkle, and ShoZu let you communicate from anywhere – right now I’m drafting this in bed before closing my eyes! I could be at the bus stop deciding what restaurant to hit after work or a dozen other things that would be impossible or just needlessly awkward with my blackberry.  The iPhone’s connectivity will continue to grow now that many sites are providing a mobile such as m.digg.com or even an iphone specific site like i.digg.com.  And Apple’s promise this fall of providing push notification will make everything even more interactive by notifying you right away when someone is trying to contact you -  a great win for IM clients.

The App Store
Wow.  Apple knew that they could not cover every nook and cranny of the iPhone users’ needs, so they gave the world the gift of the iPhone dev kit.  Now everyone that can handle Objective-C can make our dreams come true and even make up for those small areas Apple missed.  It’s also amazing that a lot of the content is free considering the amount of effort it takes to make one of these apps, but the generous contributors to the iPhone community have kept these gems coming.  And this is just the tip of a very large iceberg.  Companies like Kreston are looking to make the iPhone a tool to control your home.  The future looks bright with the iPhone’s seemingly infinite expandability.  Wow

Ultimate Convergence
What more could you want in a device? GPS, camera, wireless web browser, PDA, bluetooth. I know other devices have these features, but nothing so integrated with the web as this. Wherever you go, you’re ready to post pics, twitter off a note, and geotag away. Where are you now? iPhone knows and let’s others know where you are and remember where you’ve been.  Take pictures with ShoZu, geotag them, and immediately upload the pics to Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Photobucket, and more.  The device is even useful as an ebook reader!  The one thing seriously lacking in all this is taking video, and I hope Apple will come out with a firmware update to remedy that before the end of the year.  It also doesn’t sync Notes, which is a serious flaw for those of us using it as a PDA.

It’s long been said that what drives technology is games and pornography.  As far as games go, developers are lining up to port over to this powerful new handheld platform.  The rapid development of games like Super MonkeyBalland Myst are proof of that.  Companies like SlingMedia and SimplifyMedia are bringing out new, safe ways to connect from outside our home networks.  I do love my Aurora Feint.


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  1. I really want one but i have to wait till my contract ends which is on the 27th of may 2009:@:@:@ i cant wait that long for that beuty!!!

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