Must have bookmarks for your iPhone

Given that the iPhone has a few limitations, these bookmarks help your little guy out.

Shortwave –
This little bookmarklet gives you a way to get around the web with just a letter and your search text.

Twitter Reply –
Any time you’re on a twitterer’s page, this gives you an easy way to reply.

View Source –
This is more handy for developers than anyone else.  It lets you see what HTML source is being passed to your iPhone.

MonkeyChow Subscribe
This is found within the MonkeyChow web app under Add Feeds.  If I come across a site that has a feed to which I am not yet subscribed to, I can just use this to immediately add it to my feed reader.

AT&T WiFi Locations
Have to get to a wi-fi hot spot right quick?  This tells you where they are.

Who wants to write down those terribly long URLs to pass on to our friends?  Use this bookmarklet to shorten the URL which you can then write down and pass along.  At least until Apple gets that Copy and Paste thing down.

What bookmarklets do you keep on your iPhone?