5 Things I Love About Twitter

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  1. Keeps you consise
    Twitter limits you to 140 characters, like the old 8-bit SMS communications.  We tend to get very wordy and I’ve found that I can write the same post in fewer characters than I could have if I didn’t have those limits.  My posts fit the defined fishbowl and saves everyone time when scanning their tweets.  While FriendFeed is really growing on me, I miss the consiseness.
  2. Simple interface, standard look
    Unlike other social networking sites (*cough, cough* MySpace), you can always expect that your Twitter profile page will be arranged pretty much like that of anyone else.  The text box will be where it needs to be, all the tabs will be the same, info to the right, and so on.  This is part of what makes it fast to use.  The iPhone interface is even simpler: it opens links into new windows keeping the twitter page the same so you cn move on to the next tweets.
  3. API and Interoperability
    Twitter has made its API public so there are now a lot of desktop apps to choose from, including the Digby IM client I use.  I’ve recently taken advantage of the API myself in introducing Twitter support for Monkeychow as I now have a Twitter source tag for my application.  Coming soon!
    Because of the API, this is also an area where Twitter has left a lot of crumbs on the table for others.  Other services are microblog aggregators and broadcasters.  Other services are handling the tweet organization for communicating with groups.  It seems like something they could be doing better.
  4. iPhone apps
    On my iPhone I count three (Twittelator, Twinkle, Twitterific).  Portability is a huge plus for a social networking app, and here we have a lot of choices.  Using location information from the iPhone 3G GPS is also very useful.  We’ll have a lot off apps riding on top of Twitter that will help others get a fix on your location.  So, if you say you’ve found a neat Thai restaurant on Main St, your buddies will know where it is.
  5. They were first to the party!
    There is a lot to be said for being first on the block to do something.  So it stands to reason that it has a good layer of applications covering it and a lot of popularity.  This is also likely the cause of the punishing loads Twitter has been  experiencing since anyone and everyone can hit it frequently.  They’ve implemented limits on how many times the server can be hit per hour, but it hasn’t saved them.

Compared to the “Things I Hate” list this was a little harder.  Coming up with things that are not in the vein of “it just works” isn’t good enough and because Twitter is such a simple app, there aren’t a lot of features to like.  The ones that I do like, I REALLY like, but there seem to be fewer of them.  It goes to show how easy it is to be a griefer.


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