WordPress for iPhone

I just loaded the WordPress app onto my iPhone. It’s incredible how this device has finally brought about the total connectivity to the online world that we’ve always been looking for. This free app alone can make the iPhone worth switching to if you live for online communication.

Serious text manipulation (bolding text, for example) is not possible for the same reason cut and paste doesn’t work. It does gives you the capability of keeping drafts local to the iPhone or on the server itself, letting you jot stuff down during the day, wherever you are so you can publish when ready. You can also choose to publish on a future date so that a very productive day can give you a few days worth of posts. This can give you time to work on the formatting later if needed. Remember, though, that the value of posting is in what you say, not so much how you typeface it.

With the onboard camera you can even add your own pictures to your posts, which should give us a lot more spontaneous photography. You can use little iPhone tricks to build up that picture library like Home-Power to take screenshots and holding your finger down on an image to save it locally. I see a Creative Commons photo search app coming to help out in this space.

Once the iPhone 3g is in as many hands as Apple has promised, I believe we will see a whole new level of interaction. It really is a complete blogging platform. There is a nice demo of all this at http://iphone.wordpress.org so get blogging!


2 thoughts on “WordPress for iPhone

  1. A have a very teenie weenie request: I wish you guys would get rid of the gloss effect in the icon, it’s downright tool-y and annoying. That’s my minor complaint about an otherwise great iPhone app. Remove the gloss in the next version, please? It’s pretty trivial to set UIPrerenderedIcon to ‘false’, and in effect make the whole world a much better place. Thanks in advance 🙂

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