Getting in Touch with your Tunes

It was almost two years to the day that I purchased my 4GB iPod Nano and just a couple of days after post this. At the time it seemed like a lot of space, but I really filled it up pretty quickly. Apple advertises 1000 songs on that unit, but it really turned out to be more like 550 songs out of what I listen to.

So I have been longing for something bigger since around September, but having just bought the car I wanted to hold off on splurging on another pricey product. Last year the iPhone and iPod Touch caught everyone’s attention, and then a few months ago my dad picked up an iPhone. So now that I was recently in the market for a new mp3 player, I started looking at these two. The iPhone, while I consider it the perfect convergence tool, carries that recurring monthly phone plan and has 16GB of music space in the new version. I feel that the product still has some time to grow before it will actually be perfect, but it sure is close. I also thought that with the amount of music that I have on my drive, I would need more than 16Gb of space. So the new iPod Touch, with its similar interface and 32GB of space seemed just right. The battery life is really great, especially since it charges any time I use it in the Mini. And after adding tons of music to it, I’m only up to 9GB – but I’m still only part of the way through my collection and there is a lot more to add.

I now use it for an alarm since there is the occassional power outage that makes my alarms loose track of the time. The usefulness of the WiFi capability is astounding. As soon as I wake up and shut off the iPod alarm, I hit the email, weather icon, and then browser over to see my weather station on wunderground (KNJHILLS9) – without having to wait for a computer to boot up. That takes 1-5 minutes, and then I jump into the shower. It really is a wonderful bonus in the product. There is just so much more that they’re going to be able to do with this product.

So what’s missing? For one, I have a daap streaming server in my home that I can access through iTunes. It would be great if I could access that through the WiFi when I am in range. A good RSS reader would be really nice. I currently use Monkeychow, which works in Safari for Windows, but I’ve had the same problems with it that I’ve had with other mobile browsers on Treos and my Blackberry and just have not had time to get through the code and fix it. The buttons that look really nice in the MonkeyChow web interface on Firefox and IE are terribly small on the iPhone and I will have to think about how to redesign that and how to handle the hundreds of articles that a feed can have. The default 50 articles per page seems like a bit much on that screen.

I also have a samba server in my house from which I could be watching movies on this nice little screen when my other set is taken up by the kids. It could have better access to social networks. A camera. A quick blogging tool. Some of these are real “pie in the sky” desires and not real needs, but the sky is the limit now that wireless networking has been added to the product and everyone is going to want a lot more. A lot of this is covered in their online apps, and a lot of sites like the above have Touch/iPhone compatible displays to make the browsing experience easier.

I still feel that the iPhone is the perfect product, but the Touch will do in the meanwhile. And if anyone has a good podcast to recommend for the morning drive, please recommend in the comments. I have about an hour commute and like to listen to something interesting in the morning and music on the ride home.


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  1. its amazing how the nano these days is little more than a paper weight!…yeh the i phone and the newer one what ever it is called is sweet but so are many things that keep comming out all of the time latly i want the air book but i generally avoid apple products to keep with the tech trends because apple isint the best value because i throw away tech stuff within the year…technology is something i sometimes curse though many times love!

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