Updated AdsenseAgg Pepper for Mint

Recently Google changed the login process for Adsense, which broke the previous version of the AdsenseAgg Pepper for Mint. I’ve been able to figure out the updated login process and correct the code so that it works for a number of people now. The new version can be downloaded from the Mint Peppermill.

Update 2008-03-02: If you have any trouble displaying AdsenseAgg stats, be sure to login to Google and accept the TOS update they have just thrown up.


3 thoughts on “Updated AdsenseAgg Pepper for Mint

  1. Hi, thanks for developing the pepper. I installed it and entered my email and password (which I can use to log in to adsense fine – I signed the new TOS a while ago), but I don’t see any stats 😦 Any ideas?

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