Mini Rearended =(

Sad Face…

Update 2008-Feb-05: Got the mini back. Very disappointed that the Geico adjuster never wrote down that I had rear-fog lights, so they were not fixed. They had written down “rear reflectors” even though I had pointed them out as such while he was writing things. Luckily the guys at the garage figured out the bulb was out and happened to have one on hand to send me on my way. And the bumper was loose so I had to tighten up a few screws when I got home.

And then while making a turn this evening, after just having gotten the car back, I came too close to the curb and scratched the white rims.


Can’t win.


8 thoughts on “Mini Rearended =(

  1. Accidents really suck but the good thing is that you’re ok. If you need a good paint shop try JMK BMW… able to match metallic BMW paints really well. I plan to use them soon too… I have a dent on my fender that I need to get fixed… paintless dent removal was a bust… boo.

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