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I’ve been using WordPress for some time now, but with the number of plugins I use, it has always been a pretty hacked up affair for me, with functions thrown throughout the sidebar.php file. So I started investigating what it would take to move my site to using the stock default theme. Boring right? But also more secure since any third party themes are likely to lag behind when anything basic changes in the default theme. So in order to do so, I would need to have everything that I had hacked into the sidebar available in widget form.

Not everything was – first and foremost, the Mint Popular Posts plugin which links into my Mint database to show the most popular posts at the time. So I took a look at the Nike+ plugin I had worked on some time ago. It had a widget available, so I was able to learn how the widgets and the Options pages in WordPress work. And then I spent a weekend a few weeks back adding some code to the Popular Posts plugin to add the widget. Since a number of people at the plugin developer’s site were asking for widget capability in the plugin, I submitted it for anyone else to use. A new version has just been released with the addition of my code at
http://ellisweb.net/2006/03/wp-mint-popular-posts/. As a side benefit, since all content is in the database now, I can easily move to another regularly updated theme at any time without affecting the sidebar contents.

If you haven’t gotten a copy of Mint for your web site, check out this review.

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