Mini Cooper Grille Badges

After a bad experience with a Mini Accessories vendor, I decided to make my own grille badges. My first attempt can be seen here.

I used a Stapes Item# 386943 magnetic inkjet sheet and am spraying clear enamel on top. I’ll be cutting out these guys and displaying pictures of the badges mounted on the grille over the next few days. And we’ll see whether the badges survive staying on the grille holder for my 50 mile commute. My first testing showed that the badges stayed on for a short stretch at 50 mph. The nice thing is, I have the Photoshop file saved, so if I need to get a thicker magnetic sheet, it is not a problem to make more. Once I know that these will stay on, I will move on to making something more original.


3 thoughts on “Mini Cooper Grille Badges

  1. They’re a classic touch to the Mini. Some people have metal badges epoxied to the outside, and some have the magnetic badges that can be changed according to your mood or an event you’re attending.

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