Life After the Halo 3 Beta – The Final Game

We’ve been peppered with the Believe campaign and a slew of beverages in the cafeteria case at work, clix figures, and all sorts of other Halo 3 merch (see exhibits a and b). Most notable is the fact that I finally finished Halo 2 for the first time a week ago. This is because, other than those brief strays into finishing Crackdown and most of the way through Saint’s Row, Halo 2 multiplayer totally sucked me in and occupied pretty much all of my Xbox time in those years. When the Beta of Halo 3 came out, we were soooo there. The look of the multiplayer was beautiful and we loved it, but alas it was only here for a few weeks. After milking our money’s worth out of Halo 2 for three years, the final game is here!

I’m only up to Outskirts so far but I’ll definitely give the rest of the game a chance. Our 4 year old made it on as far on easy using his favorite weapon: melee attack. Go figure. My impression of the game so far is that while the look of the game is super fantastic and better than anything that has ever been created for gaming platforms, the brutes have been nerfed, load times take much longer after you’ve died, it’s pretty repetitive and Cortana is REALLY ANNOYING!! So I imagine that I’ll dive right back into the familiar multiplayer with all the cool new maps and I might finish this game up over the next few years, just in time for “Halo 4: The Floodening”.


2 thoughts on “Life After the Halo 3 Beta – The Final Game

  1. I agree Cortana is a pain… The flood are much cooler in this episode of the game, they are much smarter and visually alot more detailed.

    Oh, did you get the car yet?!

  2. I jumped right into multiplayer last night. I may never look back again!

    Car will finally be ready Saturday. They have a few of the extras to put on that did not come in on time.

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