Mini Update

The car has been built! It’s awaiting its slot on a ship to cross to the states. Not the right color in the generic picture, but the description matches the picture in the previous post.
My new baby is on her way. Off to more stick shift lessons tomorrow.

Below you can see the specs for this machine.

and the interior.

Update 13 Sept 2007: She’s on her way as of today!!

From the mini forums at I have found that “the next K-Line ship will be the Frisia voyage V.147 (K-Line North Atlantic Shuttle Service schedule below). Departs Southampton on 9/13 making Baltimore 9/25 and Charleston 9/27″ which means my mini will probably be in the 9/25 docking and make its way to Priceton Mini about a week later after hitting the distribution center. Hoping it gets here in time for my birthday!!

Update 21 Sept 2007: The ship must have put on a litttle extra steam! My mini has arrived.

Update 22 Sept 2007: Went for the second driving lesson and I nailed the stick perfectly on the first try. We took the demo mini to the warehouse where the car is being finished. Unfortunately I forgot the camera so I did not get shots of her without the extra driving lights or mudflaps or the chrome gas cap. She’s a beautiful machine – the white wheel covers and blue highlighted interior are really nice. The dealer tells me she will be ready for delivery at 7pm Monday, but we have to wait and see if the warehouse finishes her up. I promise photos once I pick her up from the dealer.

Update 24 Sept 2007: No car yet. One of the parts they should have had delivered today did not make it and they’ll need a couple of days to install some of these extras. Tentative pickup date is Sat Sept 29. Meanwhile, I’m making plans to go see the NJ BMW AutoX event on Oct 7 at the Commerce Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater, NJ. Not to race, of course, but for moral support and to bond with my fellow Mini owners.