MonkeyChow Moves?

I recently tried to add some new content to MonkeyChow at SourceForge’s SVN repo. Looks like they moved and renamed the repo so that even this

#svn sw

does not work:

svn: ‘’
is not the same repository as’

So, to get further SVN updates, you will need check out a new copy and then copy the config file into the new copy.

#svn co monkeychow.thanksSourceForge
#mv monkeychow monkeychow.preSFchanges
#mv monkeychow.thanksSourceForge monkeychow
#cp monkeychow.preSFchanges/config.php monkeychow

Monkeychow should continue to work properly after that. Seems that this change happened recently, but it had been announced as far back as November, possibly earlier, and I completely missed it. Sorry if this caused anyone problems. If there are any changes you made that you would like to see implemented, please send me a diff against this latest version so I can look into incorporating it.

The latest tarball can be found here.


2 thoughts on “MonkeyChow Moves?

  1. Love the program but had a problem in latest version. Installed the latest (8/12) tarball from the link, but it will respond “Cookies not set” after login attempt and show “/n”‘s etc in the panes at left if login bypassed. Tested in IE6 and Safari 3.02 Beta.

  2. Login should not be bypassed, but then again the “Cookies not set” should not be showing. With the change in jobs I haven’t had time to look at this, but it’s probably the highest priority for MC since the multiple user login is next and depends on that login code working right. If anyone can recommend some good example PHP login code, please point me in the right direction. The current code needs need a good rewrite or to just be ripped out and replaced.

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