System Administrator Appreciation Day

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. As a system administrator, I have worked with various systems in various customer environments for my employers over the years. From small environments with one computer in a Philadelphia Docutech print shop at Xerox to hundreds of Red Hat Linux machines in a grid configuration across international sites for Virage Logic.

Jonathan Schwartz of Sun had this to say. I especially liked this from the comments section…

A great gift for a systems administrator, besides the obvious “Thank You” they probably never receive, is a LOPSA membership, signing them up for some special training, such as Sysadmin Days – Philly, or nominating them for Sysadmin of the Year.

…hint hint. We even have our own song.

The IT people that I have worked with are great dedicated individuals, some of them for over 13 years, but my current employer does not understand IT nor value it the way a technology related intellectual property company should. Its attitude towards IT is almost that of a janitorial service – only there to clean up the messes other people make, never to be consulted or partnered with. It wasn’t always that way, but there it is today, without a shred of hope for improvement, despite years of protests and begging.

I am therefore celebrating the occasion with the submission of my resignation as I change jobs. As of August 10, I will no longer be with Virage Logic and will be moving on to greener fields. The networking tools Emurse and LinkedIn were a great help in my search. It took me quite a while to come to this decision and even longer to find a company that was the right fit. In the central NJ area, a lot of what is available turns out to be contract work in NYC. I have no interest in riding for 90 minutes each way and I prefer the seeming stability of a permanent position. So finding a suitable match for my experience took a while and even faltered at some points, but eventually bore fruit. I will call Eisai Medical Research my new work place.

So take a moment to salute the people that support your infrastructure. They work 24x7x365 to keep the internet running so that your enterprise can succeed. Many of us are passionate about our work with technology and our desire to help people use their systems to the maximum potential. We are the people that keep things like the New York Stock Exchange running. We’re here behind the scenes doing what we love, but it feels wonderful to be recognized. Stop by and say hi some time soon.


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  1. What I really loved about Emurse was having a single place to store my resume where it could be viewed and edited and readily available in any format the recruiter or employer wanted. It was easy for me to use that to export as .doc format to use at Monster or any other site. Some employers want text along with the .doc file so the latest edits were available in a nice text format that I could paste into the online application.

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