Google Pagerank Pepper (Prank) 1.0.6 update

I’ve had some people report over the past couple of months that the Prank pepper was not working for their site. However, I was able to check with the same code against their site and produced a valid pagerank that other sites reported. I would look into it every once in a while but found nothing.

Strangely enough, I began to see pagerank for some of my URLs disappear this weekend, as well as some of those I had tested in the past. This was the final piece I needed to see why this had broken for some. After a little digging early this morning I found a limitation in the pagerank code that did not account for Google presenting the data slightly different for different requestors. After making an adjustment everything showed up again. Please try the new pepper code at
and let me know what you see. This will be the version that I push to the peppermill if you are all able to see your correct data again.


5 thoughts on “Google Pagerank Pepper (Prank) 1.0.6 update

  1. Thanks for programming the pepper!

    I had also the problem that all of my sides are shown as na. So i downloaded your new version and installed it. Maybe you forgot to change it, but in the preferences the version numer is further shown as 1.0.5 and the version does not fix the problem for me. I hope you will find the solution because i like the idear of your pepper.

  2. Sorry about not changing the version. The final code I submit to the Peppermill will have the correct one.

    I hope to have something soon. With the help of another user of the Prank Pepper who has let me have access their machine, I’ve found that the “mix” function in the pagerank.php seems to be the cause of the trouble and I’m currently investigating this.

  3. Right now we are possibly looking at a 32-bit vs 64-bit issue with the bitwise shifts. What type of system are you running the Apache/PHP on?

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