Feed icons in MonkeyChow version 0.5.5


In an effort to provide MonkeyChow with a little more color, I’ve decided to add favicons from the various feeds you browse into the view. As you can see, the individual feeds in the left get the icon as well as the individual items. This replaces the bland RSS icon that was after each feed for showing the feed source. For those sites that have decided not to use favicon.ico on their site, the same plan RSS icon will be displayed. This is a user preference and you can go back to the plain old RSS icon for all feeds if you like. The individual icons all add a slight bit more time to page loads, but browser and proxy caching all make this much speedier.

This is not yet in the SVN repo, but will be this weekend. A number of people have asked me when they can see some of these changes in a tarball since they don’t know how to or can’t use SVN. I will also be implementing some weekly automated SVN repo dumps to tarballs so that you don’t have to wait for me to make a release. These will be something like version 0.5.X until I get the multiple user code finalized for 0.6.

 This release has 
* user login – all users see same view at this time; default admin passwd is set at install time 
* a unified display code for frames and non-frames view,  
* user preferences, including the display of feedicons and their display size, the choice of frames or non-frames on individual login 
* digg icon for Digg articles (will be moved to plugin later) 
* Firefox 2 integration 
* lots of code cleanup

Reminder: to get the code from SVN, execute the following

svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/monkeychow monkeychow

Update: What the heck. I updated SVN to version 173 and you can download the 0.5.5 version here.

 Update: Tarball lists can be found here.


10 thoughts on “Feed icons in MonkeyChow version 0.5.5

  1. line 185 in install.php shouldnt be there, i had to remove it for it to run, however it didnt let me setup a user, it redirected me to login, but i didnt create a login first.

    i’m doing a new install with a new database

  2. Wow, that’s pretty sloppy of me. Not sure how that line got in there, but out it came. I’ve updated it in SVN. This fix should appear in this coming weekend’s update.

    I’ll take a look at the installer again this weekend as I will be adding some new code in there to allow for updates whenever I make database changes.

  3. I’ve fixed this in the installer and this weekend’s new tarball will be available tomorrow. I’ll use that to replace the 0.5.5 tarball.

  4. I got the latest version and i went to install.php and created a password and then tried to login and got

    “Cookies not set.”

    however just going to index.php worked and i was logged in

    Logging out gives me the following error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in c:\appserv\www\monkeychow\fof-main.php on line 71

  5. I noticed this new version got rid of categories, I kinda liked that feature

    I’d like the digg button optional along with the other social network buttons

    good job though

  6. I still get the error

    Cookies not set.

    when I login but I was able to get to my feeds by going to index.php after loggin in by typing in the URL

    I used the tarball from: June 3, I’m on firefox 2.0

  7. Correct, I haven’t been able to fix that yet. It recurs every rare once in a while when another cookie is set in the browser for the same site. It only seems to happen to me on Firefox.

    If you log out and login frequently, I instead recommend setting a .htaccess and not logging out until this is resolved.

  8. silly question, but as I’m completely unfamiliar with MonkeyChow what are the default keyboard shortcuts?

    I downloaded and am using the tarball from this thread, browser is FF2.

  9. No keyboard shortcuts as of yet. It’s on the to-do list, and is one of the more requested features, so I’ll have to take a look at it sooner than i thought.

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