Prank Pepper 1.0.5 – Debug Options

Sorry, for taking so long getting some debugging in place. It seems the pepper presents issues to a number of people, so with this built into the pepper it will allow some to self-test first. I haven’t put this up on the Peppermill yet because it’s still in testing.

Please download and install over your old Prank pepper. Check off the box that enables the test URL. Enter a URL that you want to test with and let me know what you see. It will be listed before the other URLs you have in the Prank list. In all but one of the cases where someone emailed me about seeing an NA or 0 rank, I saw non-NA ranks. I want to know if you will see the same. It might be best to clear your cache before testing further – a “clear cache” option will be next.

I’m opening this new post for discussion on the site so that everyone can see the same discussion for the benefit of all interested. Please let me know any comments you have on the presentation of the debug options or how it works for you.


4 thoughts on “Prank Pepper 1.0.5 – Debug Options

  1. I’m having the same N/A issue. I *did* have the trim www and index option checked, and even had mint set to, despite redirecting all incoming visiters to

    Google knows about, not So it’s not a surprise that when prank grabs URLs from the mint database without the www that they’d show up as having PR 0. But I’ve added a debug URL, my root level of, and it’s still showing up in prank as N/A.

    Something’s definitely not right. Thoughts?

  2. Some server installs are not calculating the key that Google expects you to have. Download the file and put the pagerank.php file at the top level where it can access the images files as /images. Call the scripts as and I’m betting you will also see N/A.
    I haven’t been able to track down whether this is due to a specific version of PHP or Apache, etc. If you can email me a copy of your phpinfo output I might be able to correlate with someone else’s and make a connection.

  3. I haven’t had time to look at it lately, but what i need to do is tear into the debug script further. I’ve added it to the pepper distro itself, so I’ll have it there for people to debug with. I will need to add a lot of debugging print statements so that we can compare where in the function this is falling down for you. I don’t believe that the PHP version makes a difference, but I think it comes down to what has been compiled into PHP.

    If you can, please email me the phpinfo() for your site. If you sent it, I did not get it.

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