MonkeyChow screencast

screencastYou can find a little screencast that I threw together this morning for MonkeyChow, going over some of the more frequently used features. A lot of the recent work is showcased, so what you are seeing is new stuff. Most of this is only available in the SVN version, but will become available to all once I’ve finalized the last fixes and improvements for the next release. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Screencasting tools provided by Wink.


2 thoughts on “MonkeyChow screencast

  1. Nice to see it still alive, i was beginning to wonder. SimplePie 1.0 is coming close to being out soon also. I didnt see the login feature but i remember you mentioned it before. I dont know how to use SVN so I havent bothered with the newest versions.

    On a non-related note: What plugin are you using for the “Popular Right Now”? I’ve been looking for a plugin that does that in wordpress.

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