MonkeyChow unified view code and user prefs

This was a long time coming, but is finally here and will make things simpler when altering code in the future. I’ll only have to change it in one place to affect all views of the code. In addition, there is now a preference for determining which view you get on login. I’ve also fixed the installer code so that the user table is set up properly and so that you are asked for the admin password instead of having to go into mysql to set it. This is currently in SVN version 167.

A quick rundown of what’s left before version 0.6 is out:

  • Installer SQL sanity checking
  • Keyboard shortcuts like Google Reader and Bloglines
  • Plugins – alter feed item content (see Digg badge), user prefs (social badges), feed item social buttons (mailto,, recycle)
  • Feeds per user – Still only one feed list to view
  • More localization

Regarding support, you’re welcome to use the comments for feedback as I monitor it daily, but because of comment spam I’ve been force to set up autoclose articles after 30 days. Your best bet would be to sign up at the Vanilla support boards.