Can you Digg it?

A recent small addition to the MonkeyChow code can be seen below.
digg item

Now, if the feed happens to come from, the iframe Digg badge will be displayed for that story so that you can digg the story from within MonkeyChow. YOu still have to be logged into Digg for this to work, so I recommend a middle-click on the badge.

In other MonkeyChow news, I’ve combined the CSS for frames and non-frames view, and merged the index.php non-frames feed list with the frames sidebar feed list. Now, the same code checks whether you are in a frames view or not, and displays appropriately.

My next step will be to do the same for the framed and non-framed items panes, and then split the frames menu pane appropriately between the non-frames feeds and items views. This way, you can launch something from the frames view into another browser tab and still retain the functionality.

This is currently only available in the SVN code. Once I have completed this and finished multiuser functionality, I will be releasing MonkeyChow version 0.6.


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