Nike+ iPod Update

Looks like a few things changed at the Nike site. My new script is updated to talk to their servers properly. The change is that Nike got rid of the external_profile_login request and now requires you to do a generate_pin request. Also be sure to create the cookie.txt file in the same directory that the niekplus.php script resides in. Nike moved to Akamai, but I’m still seeing instances where the servers do not respond, making the caching very necessary. Now, to do some running so that I can up that count. I’m REALLY behind on my new years resolution.

Get the new script here.


4 thoughts on “Nike+ iPod Update

  1. Nice work on that. Just wanted to say that Im working on a site that tracks the data from Nike Plus files. Anyone is welcome to use it. It lets you do whatever you want with your data. Add and modify runs as you need. Export the data out to excel, and even create your own RSS Feed with it. Check it out at It is still a work in progress though.

  2. Nice work, i have been playing around with it, and with the wordpress php too.

    Woudll it be possible to have the script show always the runs per week instead of the simple runs page by link?

    I would like to publish it on top of my blog.


    it allways says that it could not get the Nike + data, whether it could or not.
    it sometimes connects to my data, and after a while not any more. Why?

    Thanks for the code

  3. I haven’t changed the script yet to get run data. Once we have that, we can do anything we want with the stats. I expect we can make an API on top of that to let web admins use it to their individual needs.

    Make sure you have the latest script if it is not always connect, or if it is showing error messages. It should be pulling data from the cache instead of displaying error messages. The URLs for connecting to Nike have changed since the script was first released, and the old old code no longer works.

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