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If you go to http://www.shokk.com/monkeychow/published.php right now, you will see a new feature I just added to version 105 of the SVN at sourceforge.net. This allows you to let others see your recycled articles in an HTML form, so that they are not required to set up their own RSS reader.

With a little templating, it may be possible to create an totally automated site that gets its articles from your monkeychow published database, yet actually looks
like a full presentable site.

If you do not have access to the SVN version, you can pick up a copy of published.pht here. Place it in the root of the MonkeyChow install, rename published.pht to published.php, and then you’re all ready to share.


2 thoughts on “A Published View

  1. Yes, all your non-private feeds are already shared from the aggregator.php page. It will show the latest 50 articles. If you want more, you can adjust the variable, but keep in mind this will add more load to your system. Also it will likely get overwritten when you next update.

    The point of using “recycle” is to decide which articles will be shared. The above is a rolling live list, so they will quickly disappear off the bottom as the feed updates hourly.

    You’ve inspired me again. I’ve added the page to aggregator.php. It’s still set to 50 articles at a time, but now people can see everything that you’re reading (except the private stuff, of course).

    This is in the latest SVN update. And a few CSS treats to begin updating the interface! Let me know what you think.

  2. Now this is awesome!!! 🙂

    Is it possible to share all my feeds without having to mark them as “recycled”?

    It would be cool if they could get the NextPage/PrevPage links also and limit them to 10 or 20 items per page.

    Then I could have a nice archive of collected related news snippets to share with others. 😀

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