Google Reader Day 3 – Things Get Ugly

I tried it by loading all 166 feeds from my OPML list and they were successfully imported. The interface looked beautiful and it seemed very responsive that first night. Fast forward a couple of days later and now all I get is “Loading…” for what is now over 15 mins. The reader is obviously loading more data than it needs to in order to show me that first page. That’s friggin unacceptable.

MonkeyChow is not as pretty but certainly faster. This past summer, after a week of vacation I came back and had thousands of articles to wade through, but the interface was as fast as a normal day of feed grazing. If you have access to a PHP/MySQL server, give it a spin. I’ll have to work on the UI since I really did fall in love with the new Google Reader colors. For now, I think the Google Reader team has some work to do.


3 thoughts on “Google Reader Day 3 – Things Get Ugly

  1. We have recently fixed a “stuck on Loading…” problem that some users were seeing. Please give Reader another try and see if this is still happening for you.

    Mihai Parparita
    Google Reader Engineer

  2. I’m sure their reader was for lightweight users, altough nowdays they should expect people to be pretty heavy on RSS feeds and letting them build up and reading stuff only once a week or so

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